Nine Places In Italy That Satisfied My Wandering Soul Like Nothing Else

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Last March in 2016 when I visited Europe, Italy immediately became my favourite country. I travelled within the country for over ten days and I have to say, it was the best time of the trip. It is one blend of art, culture, architecture, history, fashion and natural beauty. Be it volcanoes or mountains or sea, it has everything. You like to party? It has some best clubs and pubs. You like hiking? It has some of the most amazing views. You like art? Well, Italy is known for its art and architecture since medieval times. You like landscapes? It has some of those mesmerising views which you might not have thought existed.

Planning your next trip? Well, our suggestion to you would definitely be Italy. Italy is one European country where you can find everything! It had its share of Renaissance men like Leonardo Da Vinci, Leon Battista Alberti, Michelangelo etc. It has brilliant architecture and amazing views. It is one country which truly deserves to be on your bucket list. I'm saying this from my personal experiences and in fact, a lot of the following images are clicked by me so I can totally vouch for those places.

Now we bring 9 places in Italy which will take your breath away. Read on to see which places to include in your next Euro trip!