17 Hilarious Pictures That Prove Celebrities Are Photobomb Experts

George Clooney is an expert!

Suppose you are trying to take a perfect picture in front of a famous monument, and at that time someone comes between you and your picture, how will you feel? If I were you then I would've been the angriest person on Earth at that time, and I think same will be with you. But, imagine if a celebrity is spoiling the photograph. We will never mind it, and despite being angry, we will show that photo to each friend, post it on social media and even we would frame that. 

Photobombing is an art, and some people are experts at it because they do it with perfection. Celebrity photobombing is something very special. There are two cases in this, either celebrity is photobombed, or they are photobombing others' photograph. Both the cases have hilarious results. 

Here we have gathered some of the hilarious celebrity photobombs.

(Note: Just look at them carefully.)