40 Pictures That Redefine The World We Left In The Past

Restoring what we've lost..  

From wars to love locks or the untold stories from the past, the world has seen it all. The past has been a book of stories and instances which were too hard to forget. Each page of this book has a history, a history that gives us so many emotions, and so many learnings. From the South Pole to the North, from desserts to highlands, there are incredible yet somewhere forgotten or even unseen photographs that speak a thousand words.

They scream from them, calling for our attention to look back at the past to see how the world has changed for us, for them. The struggles, the battles, the joys, the bonds everything. The unsung tales that make us go through a thousand different emotions altogether. One makes us cry, the other makes us smile or one would leave us spellbound. So, here are some images from the past, that were long lost.