15 Embarrassing Pictures That Britney Spears Wants To Delete From The Internet

I doubt you have seen any!

Britney Spears has been in the spotlight for nearly two decades now, but her journey towards success has not been easy. She has seen many ups and downs in her career. But, no matter how bad things went for her, she came back stronger than ever. The 35-year-old singer has been nominated for eight Grammys (won one) in her career. Her first album, Baby One More Time was released in 1999. The record gave the world a hint of what her journey would be like.

Since the release of the album, every single moment of Britney's life has been public. This means that most of the moments in her life including happy, sad and the embarrassing ones have been captured on the camera. But, here in this story, you will only find pictures from those moments which she completely would want to wipe off from the internet.

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