20 Most Spectacular Photos Of Once-In-A-Lifetime View Of The Great American Eclipse

Have you seen it yet?

In case you came here because you couldn't witness the solar eclipse live, it's your lucky day. In case you came here because you did manage to watch the eclipse and want to see spectacular photographs, it's your lucky day too! 

The total solar eclipse happens when the Moon blocks light coming from the Sun when it comes in between the Earth and the Sun. The sun is 400 times bigger than the moon and also coincidently 400 times farther than the moon's distance from Earth. This trick of perspective makes the Moon look exactly the same size as the Sun and during the event of an eclipse, blocks the Sun's light completely, for 2 minutes resulting in what's called a totality. Besides being rare, totality presents some spectacular photography opportunities and we at WittyFeed would like to bring to you 20 of the most spectacular photographs from this amazing celestial event.