A Man Shot Pictures Daily For 18 Years Until He Died And They're Heartbreaking

A lifelong project from someone's life.


Jamie Livingston sadly is not with us today, but his intense project will always be remembered. He started this on March 31st, 1979 and continued until the day he died in 1997. The native New Yorker kept on clicking polaroid pictures every day for 18 years. Through which, he has shared every aspect of his life from family to friends, relationships to sex, and the streets of NYC.

The collection of 6,000+ photographs is uploaded on his official website by two of his friends Betsy and Hugh, who promised to give him this gift and keep these pictures alive, forever. 

Jamie had cancer, and that too is well-documented in his pictures. From a scar in his brain to hair fall, he left no stone unturned to make sure these images are appreciated when he is gone.

As you dive into the world of Jamie Livingston, keep the tissues handy.