Photographer Removes Phones From Photos To Describe Their Disturbing Effects

Do you see yourself in them? 

Before you start to read this article let's be honest, we've been in situations where we felt a sort of isolation even with a group of people surrounding us - or maybe we made somebody feel that way. This didn't happen because we were showing apathy towards them, but because we were very much indulged into our phones.

These days, smartphones have become a black hole for people, where they completely elude their actual surroundings and lose ourselves in our mobile screens. One would think that we are more connected to the world but in reality, it's the opposite.

This reality was shown to us when we saw these pictures, with how 'removed' they actually are from the world. The visionary photographer, Eric Pickersgill, shot these photos and published them under the title 'Removed'. Let's have a look, along with an exciting news about his upcoming venture.