Photographer Beats Angelina Jolie As She Gets Clicked As Maleficent Nursing Child

They say it is the photographer who deserves all the credit.


“Great photography is about the depth of feeling, not the depth of field.” — Peter Adams.

Photography is something which is done to preserve memories and is paid for to capture that essence of the moments which is beyond our reach.

Venezuela-born Yakaly Di Roma who is a young, funny, sensitive and super responsible lenswoman, possesses the incredible talent of capturing the soul of the moment. Her eye for composition accompanied with passion makes each photo very special.

In a recent post by her, she shared about watching Disney’s Maleficent with her son and "trying to explain to him that not all villain stories are black and white — hence the brilliant retelling of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the “villain” Maleficent, who we end up rooting for."

She related the perspective of judging someone with the lens of empathy and compassion. Therefore, she shared some incredible images where Yakaly is nursing her son, Hans who has autism. And the internet has been transfixed.