This Couple Announced Their Pregnancy With A Unique Batman-Themed Photoshoot

Serious relationship goals for any comic fan!

We all have loved superheroes. We have tried to be them or act them and even imitate their costumes. Be it wrapping bed sheets around our necks or posing in front of the mirror. The influence they had on the modern pop culture is undeniable. Comic-cons, Halloweens, and many other events take cosplay to a new level. But there are always some people who take it to new extremes. And often times, results are nothing less than humorous. 

One such incident happened when this couple decided to do a cosplay! When James and Alisha realized that they were expecting, they decided to let their friends know about it with a special theme. They decided to make a comic-based cosplay and recreated their, "Hey-we're-pregnant" story in Batman-style Photoshoot. Regardless to say, the photos are hilarious and still strike major parenting goals. Let's read the story and see it ourselves.