Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photos That Look As If They Don't Belong To Earth 

My eyes couldn't believe them!


Everyone sees the world with their own perspective. And then there are photographers, who do not just have their unique point of view, but also the ability to make the world see it their way. 

David Keochkerian from France has a passion for photography. He loves to capture, in his words, "the fleeting, the subtle, the beautiful, the rare, the spectacular, the staggering… to reveal how the daily and the ordinary can be filled with enthusiasm". 

David brings out the strength of the subtle elements of the subject. He has an assorted collection of works which are very expressive and inventive. His photography is captivating and communicates the emotions with each click. 

And I bet, the pictures below will surely take your breath away with every page you flip. So dive in!