This Photographer Redefined Beauty With These 26 Women From Different Countries

Because beauty is not merely a function of age or color...

In between all the societal stereotypes that have been invented by the people, sometimes the real beauty gets lost or covered by the dust of unnecessary thoughts.

But, then there are people who exist just to break the glass ceiling and do something unusual. Something similar happened recently when this Romanian photographer, Mihaela Noroc is traveling the world for the past 4 years and what he discovered is hilarious. Photographing everyday women and collecting their stories is what he did and named it a project 'The Atlas of Beauty'. When I found out about this person, I came to know that he firmly believes in women who shine like a star because beauty is diversity and not usually what we see in mass media.

Agreeing with her opinion, I'd say that beauty is independent of the age, skin color, trends or anything else like that. You may find it in wrinkles, in the smile or in the intense gesture of a human. Beauty is found everywhere you see. And to bring that to the world, compiled here is the collection you should definitely look at!