This Pro Photographer Born Without Hands And Legs Will Amaze You With His Photography 

Because winners give zero excuses...


When you look at a photographer's work, you may hardly guess that it was taken from somewhere else. By that, I mean a perfect shot captured, not with the use of hands.

Amazing, isn't it? The professional I'm going to introduce you today takes all his photos with the help of his mouth. This 24-year-old shutterbug has got no hands and legs but he has the passion and zeal to pursue his dreams. Once he captures his shots, which range from models wearing traditional clothing to stunning nature scenes, he fires them onto his laptop and proceeds to retouch them. He has even set up his own company, DZOEL, to help him manage the load of business he has been receiving in his local area.

“I don’t want people to see my pictures and think of who I am – I just want them to see my creativity,” he told Al Jazeera. Let's take a look at his pictures and know who the man is.