Only People With High IQ Can Solve These Mind-Blowing Puzzles

The circle of puzzle!

Puzzle and riddles are great to solve, and it doesn't matter how old you are but you are not getting out of it. We grownups actually enjoy the puzzle and riddle more than any kid, we even find it more attractive as it directly kinds of challenge our IQ.
Also, the feeling of successfully solving a puzzle is unmatchable and after solving a riddle or puzzle, for a second we all feel the Sherlock inside us triggering, though the reality might be a little different, xD

You might have solved a lot of puzzles and riddles and I am sure you are great, but these puzzles are some different and hard to solve, and you will need a lot of patience, time and logic to make it till the end. So, take this challenge and prove yourself a legend. Before going any further, just believe in yourself, I know the force is with you.