15+ Times When People Went Too Far With Their Selfie Game

Look, what did she do while brushing teeth?       

There used to be a time when people's version of a selfie was making someone hold a camera while you posed innocently, mildly, with a serene smile on your face. During those days, selfies were innocent and extremely rare because after all, finding the perfect subject of the photo as well as the moment, was difficult.  

And then, someone invented mobile phones. With mobile phones came camera phones, and then someone asked himself, "Wouldn't it be cool if we stick a camera at the front?" The Result? A few years later, millions and millions of people began to take selfies in an extremely bizarre manner.    

How bizarre? Well, some try to take them when they were taking a jump, some took selfies while on fire. Want to see more of these selfies?

We at WittyFeed present you with 15+ images.