17 Lucky People Who Look Like Our Favourite Animated Movie Characters

They look 100% identical!

Well, not many of us are lucky to be blessed with the looks that we desire we had. Like the ones shown in movies. But, these people, after coming into this world, have realized that they resemble some very well-known animated movie characters and that too, favourite of many. I so envy them, so would you, after reading this post.

Disney princesses have been so beautifully crafted that their looks seem nothing less than a fairy in a dream. Whether or not their first choice, these people have striking similarities with animated movie characters. Some might not be happy, for the constant referrals to the characters, feeling a lack of a separate and unique identity. But, some may be elated at this very thought of such a cute and enviable resemblance. I am sure, a lot of girls have dreamed of the looks of maybe Cinderella or Rapunzel or Snow White or any other Disney princess. So, here is a compilation of the luckier ones. 

Have a look.