Infamous People Who've Committed Dangerous Crimes And Are Locked in Max Security Prisons

You might have known less...

There are normal people like us and then there are criminals, who have an altogether a different thought process. But, there are some who did not intend to be criminals but have been dragged into the pitfall of heinous acts. And there are some who just do not look like criminals, but have deep intentions of a criminal mind. They are the serial killers. Highly unexpected and looking as innocent from their face, they commit most outrageous of the crimes.

Here is a list of people who had committed dangerous crimes and are under tight security in world's most secure prisons. Most of them have been sentenced to life imprisonment for their acts. Most of them have been masterminds and were so secretive of their acts that it required immense efforts on the part of police to catch hold of them.  

Keep these names in mind, folks! *Wink*

All facts have been sourced from respective Wikipedia pages.