A Dutch Artist Recreates The Effects Of Aleppo War Through Miniatures And It Is Horrifying 



The six-year long battle of Syria has taken lives of hundreds of thousands people while over 11 million Syrians are still on the run. Aleppo, which is the largest city, is also the country's financial hub.   

It was on July 19, 2012, when the fighting began in Aleppo. However, in the commemoration of the painful day, a miniature of the totally damaged city was displayed at the Museum Square in Amsterdam, a few days back. 

The pop-up installation was titled, ‘Living Aleppo' and covered an area of 20 square metres. It is created and developed by Dutch artist Saskia Stolz who is also the founder of Power of Art House - an organisation of artistic designers, producers, socio-cultural entrepreneurs and other creative thinkers who launch creative campaigns and interventions that bring the socio-cultural themes into the limelight. 

This organisation is known for utilising street art as a weapon in highlighting politicised issues, making it accessible to a wider audience.