This Adorable Couple Is In Same Profession And Loves To Dress Up The Same Wherever They Go

Same career and a happy marriage!


Hello guys,

Today I am talking about one of my favorite couples. They both are young, gorgeous and talented.  

Wait, before introducing them to you, I would like to share something.

One of the articles featured on The Guardian says - the couples who have the same profession, experience a distressing work-life balance. I remember, famous American journalist Lionel Shriver once wrote on Daily Mail about the pain she carried for years after she found a partner who was also into the same profession, i.e. ‘writing'.

But, one of the Quorans Sulagna Dasgupta shares that being in the same job helps you empathise each other. While asking about the same, Ananya Singhal, who heads social media department at WittyFeed happily responded, “It’s amazing, you can discuss stuff and know everything about what’s going on in each other’s life.” Mrs Singhal is also the First Lady of WittyFeed.

Instances may vary, but a successful relationship is all about better understanding, acceptance, and trust. 

So, I was talking about one such couple who is all in love, spreading the message ''It is always better to marry someone in same profession" subtly.