Why This 22-Year Old Got 110 Plastic Surgeries Done Is Something He Can Understand 

Why did he make this choice?      


If you haven't heard of any bizarre stories lately, this might certainly come to you as a shock. Considering plastic surgery, people have been getting their nose fixed, or having butt implants to become curvier. 

But have you heard about anyone wanting to become genderless? Yes, you heard that right.  

A 22-year old person known as Vinny Ohh from Los Angeles, US, decided to go for a number of surgeries. Perhaps, this is one of the weirdest stories about plastic surgery because no man has ever attempted this. He spent nearly 50,000 dollars to get them done. A total of 110 surgeries were done, which transformed him from a man into a genderless alien.    

What do you think about that? It began with the regular lip fillers or brow enhancement procedures. Gradually, it got to a serious level. He began getting surgeries done on himself since the age of 17 and 5 years later, he's accomplished the goal he was rooting for.   

Let's find out more about Vinny.