Do You Know The Story Behind The Origin Of Both The Thors And Mjlonirs?

"Fortunately, I am mighty!"

Marvel Comics recently released the third installment of Thor's inevitable journey in the form of Thor: Ragnarok, but there still remains some confusion among people about his origin. The fictional superhero debuted in the Silver Age Of Comic Books and was created by Stan Lee. He starred in several other comic books and is also the founding member of Avengers. After many years Thor was adopted in movies and fans expected to know about his origin, but it didn't happen. Only a few people know that Thor has his roots embedded in Norse mythology.
Well, the simple meaning of this is that Thor is not just the creation of Stan Lee. I know many of you are surprised, but the origin of both the Thors is more than this. 

So, get ready for a thunderous ride and don't miss on any of the pages for something interesting is kept as a surprising revelation in the end.