An Open Letter to Couples on the Eve of Valentine's Day, from a Singleton

February furies, anyone?

To whomsoever it may concern.

Well, dodging the common conception of this letter to be a certain sense of hatred towards the 'obnoxious couples' on Valentine's Day. No, we 'singletons' do not need those obligatory red flowers or those 'over-the-top' highly fancy Swiss chocolates on Chocolate Day. We do not want these gestures to be confined to particular days of the year. What we would appreciate more is a bunch of tulips on any random day, out of the blue, when we are actually fighting the Monday blues. 

But what bothers us here is the constant burning of the nose and the smirks hurled, for being 'single'. It is perfectly okay that you are so-called having the 'time of your life', with each other and into each other. We, as a pack do not wish to follow your lead. Take this and note this. 

Neither is this a rant nor a note of hatred for romance. This is just a piece voicing the unsung and weighed-down emotions of the 'single yet(and) happy'.

No hard feelings, though!

Cover Image Courtesy- Daria Litvinova on Unsplash