34 Iconic Black And White Pictures Brought To Life With Splash Of Colours   

They look charming.   


It is true that the charm and beauty of old, monochromatic black and white pictures are unmatchable. It is not only the photographic skill that makes it so important but also the memories and emotions attached to the image. 

But many images or movies look dull and gloomy because they lack colour. The monotony of the monochrome sometimes overpower the emotions. But thanks to the new technology, re-colouring of images has become possible and is now a new trend, which enhances the beauty of the pictures.  

Yes, old images carry nostalgia. But the closeness they bring with reality after being coloured, makes them special. The images, when coloured, receive a new lease of life.

Here are 34 old photographs that have been coloured. They include scenes from iconic films, eminent personalities like scientists, politicians, army officers among others. Market places are also shown.   

Have a look.