Selena Gomez And Other Celebs Who Confessed About Mental Disorders They Underwent  

Why did they make such confessions?       


Every one of us goes through some kind of problems that tend to make our lives difficult. And in such times, we look up for an inspiration that can help us to overcome it. 

Normally, celebrities avoid sharing their personal problems in public. But few of them have shown courage to share their experiences about overcoming their mental illnesses.  

Selena Gomez recently revealed about her mental disorder, telling how depressing it was for her. She talked about her 'lonely journey' fighting through the negativity in her life.  

These disorders are considered as taboos and people refrain from talking about them in open. But with affirming words, celebs made it clear that these problems are real and must be faced courageously.  

Their stories can inspire those who are facing such problems.