Nepali Woman Who Once Conquered Mount Everest Is Now Making New York Laugh

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As an announcer called Shailee Basnet on the stage, the audience welcomed her with such a loud noise that it just felt like whole New York City was waiting for her to perform. As Basnet, 34, slowly walked up to the stage and held her mic, history was made -  a Nepali woman debuted at New York City’s famous Gotham Comedy Club on September 20. 

The club is a popular platform for stand-up comedians. It has hosted many comedians, but this time it hosted a Nepali girl for the first time. 

“Hello, I am short,” she started her act and poked fun at her own height. As she continued making fun of herself, the audience was gripped with her wits. She did not spare anyone with her jokes. 

One of her slam-dunks referring to Nepali culture of eating and relieving: “I eat with my hands because in my culture it is important to touch the food, feel the texture, both going in and coming out.”

Almost 80 percent of the audience were Nepali. They were excited to see a Nepali girl cracking jokes in English.