Ever Wondered What Will Happen If You Point Laser At Airplanes?

Don't ignore this info!


In our childhood, we used to do a lot of activities sheer out of curiosity - from eating soil from our garden to fitting a button up our nose (or was I the only one?). Most of these were regarded as mischief, and we were scolded over them. This was all because we didn't consider the consequences, and did them anyway.

Having a laser was sure the best part of childhood. Have you ever pointed lasers at planes while in your school days? Well, don't reveal this in front of cops because you may land in jail for that.

Yeah, that's right. Also, don't let the kids around you point the laser at airplanes because according to FBI, recently there has been a massive increase in the number of airplanes being targeted by the laser pointers.

But, why is it illegal to point a laser at airplanes? Could it result in the crash of airplane?

Let's figure it out.