12 Mysteries That Lurk In Oceans Will Leave You Baffled 

What horrors the deep darkness hides?

Thalassophobia is the technical name for people who have a phobia of the sea or other large bodies of water. Well, I don't have this fear but some fathomless oceans scare me out my wits. I would never want to go inside these saline bodies of waters. 

The seas and oceans always have something mysterious to offer and scare us with its unusual and freakish creatures. While the ocean harbours some of the most terrifying creatures that ever existed, they also contain many marvels, majority of which are yet to be explored.  

We all know that our oceans are full of secrets. Underwater explorers have discovered mysterious objects of unknown origin. However, there are still quite a few unexplained oceanic mysteries that intrigue us.  

Check out below to find out some of the odd and amazing facts about earth's oceanic waters that will terrify you to the core.