11 Hollywood Movies Which Starred Celebrities With Their Real Children

So many surprising names on the list!

Hollywood is part of our lives, watching television shows and films are like brushing our teeth in the morning or taking a shower, we just can't afford to skip any; and if we do, we get the sense of incompleteness in our life. Personally, I make sure to watch an episode or a film every day after work.

Recently, while I decided to re-watch some of the golden movies in my collection, I came across the movie 'The Pursuit of Happyness,' and then I realised how beautiful Will and Jaden Smith's 'father-son' relationship looked on screen. That surprising resemblance of expressions and features on their face seemed so compelling that I couldn't get my eyes off the scene. Watching this film, I realised there's surely not just one pair of real life 'parent-children' in Hollywood who appeared on the screen together, and this curiosity of mine lead to the creation of this list.

Have a look!