12 Movie Superheroes who are Doing a Great Job in Real Life Too

Helping people needs a big heart!

We all love superheroes not just because of their powers but also because of their big heart. In the movies, they are the ones who are helping people, saving nations from the evil and doing the work of a humanitarian. They're obviously paid handsomely to do these things, but a few actors go to the next level and turn real-life superheroes for helping those in need. 

Well, it is not a regular thing, you need to have a big heart to help the people selflessly and only a few people have it. It gives me joy when I see my favourite superheroes coming forward and helping those who are in need. They understand that it is their responsibility to help the population in need. I have a tremendous respect for all who are willing to give something to this world because we don't get another chance, life is not a 'Nintendo' game.

Here we have gathered a list of movie superheroes who are doing an excellent job in real life to help those in need.