Mother Continued To Text Her Dead Son And Then She Received This In Reply

What a saddening story!


The bond between a mother and her son is the strongest thing in the world. Nine months that a mother cherishes a life within herself, and finally gives it a form in itself is the miracle of life. To hold one's child in their arms, breathing its first air is the greatest feeling for a woman. A child and the mother cannot be separated from each other, it always makes the two vulnerable.

A mother's heart can never take a blow as hard as to hear of her kid's death. She does every sacrifice possible to fulfill all the wishes of her child and something like this is an unimaginable news to bear.

Unfortunately, though, many mothers have to go through that fate around the globe. The following story brought a similar scene with a twist. Here at WittyFeed, we bring you the story of a woman, who lost her child, but when she sent a text to his phone number... well, let's see what happened?