The Most Valuable FIFA World Cup 2018 Squads

Let's talk money!

World Cup is never played for money, it is rather an event where all the competing teams sweat for one and the only thing and that is pride.
A compelling fact says that while the winning team of FIFA World Cup 2018 would receive a sum of $38 million, a few players have a net worth that's a multiplier of that sum. Ronaldo (€200 million), Messi (€230 million), Neymar (just under €100 million), and Gareth Bale (€65 million) are a few of the examples.
But as is known, the event is expected to be seen by a record number of worldwide viewers and this makes it lesser of a moolah-clash and more of something else. Having said that, we thought of acquainting you with the most valued football teams in this season.
Have a look!