Think You Had A Bad Day? This Model's Pictures Will Make You Feel Otherwise

She is beautiful, no matter what!

Never give up. This is one of the "difficult-to-follow" rules to succeed in life. 

A 22-year-old Brazilian model, Paola Antonini has made success by accepting her disability as a challenge. Paola already had a successful modeling career, when a few years ago, she met with an accident (case of driving under alcohol influence) and lost her left leg. To everyone's surprise, she didn't discontinue her modeling and other adventurous activities that she always loved participating in. Today, she proudly posts her pictures on Instagram and bravely shows off her prosthesis.

Paola is now recognized as a warrior on Instagram and is followed by millions of people. Her strong will to live with happiness and bliss, passion and positivity beautified her life once again.  

Don't miss out on any of these pictures.