This Morphing UFO Spotted In Cornwall Has Left People Baffled

Let's solve the mystery!


Our planet Earth is full of surprises. It's full of wonders, and just when you think you've seen it all, it unfolds sceneries that are beyond beautiful and paranormal. Nature has all the tricks to enthral the only species which understands it better than anyone, humans. And one of the overly used methods or a mystery of this planet to trick 'us' (I assume my readers are humans) is UFO. Their sighting at different places in various forms has become a headache for researchers as the world is intensely trying to solve this puzzle. 

Recently, it was reported that a flickering object that seems to mould and transform its shape has emerged over the skies of Cornwall, England and it has indeed left bystanders confused. Now people are making conspiracy theories that aliens are trying to visit the South-West part of the country.

Are they?

Have a look!