Monica's Daughter Coco Is Growing Up Gracefully And Here Are The Pictures

She is too cute.


We all grew up with 6 friends at the least. Interestingly enough, these six F.R.I.E.N.D.S. were shared by a complete generation. We noticed how the name ‘Arquette’ was attached to the names of all 6 cast members in the episode ‘The One after Vegas.’ 

This was in response to Courteney Cox’s marriage to actor David Arquette. When Lisa Kudrow got pregnant in 1997, it was written into the show with the story of Phoebe’s pregnancy. 

A similar thing could not be done when Courteney Cox got pregnant because Chandler and Monica were established in the show already as a childless couple. Hence, the crew covered up her baby bump with baggy clothing and props. 

Even after the show ended in 2004, we couldn’t help but hold onto the lives of these 6 people. What you all will be completely amazed at is that Courteney’s daughter, Coco Arquette, is all grown up now. Although we have been able to see her transition, it still makes us feel old.