Fashion Models Who Challenged The Stereotypes And Redefined Beauty

If you've got a dream, protect it.


If you could change the time to 1990s or before, you'll see that there were defined set of rules and standards which were 'must haves' to become a model in the fashion industry. But, once in a hundred years, someone comes along who challenges the stereotypes that exist in our society, because these set of rules and norms become a hurdle in their path to follow their dreams and fulfill the purpose of their lives.

If you could ask anyone who belongs to that era, they'll probably tell you that height, race, colour, skin, and figure of the body was all that mattered to become a model, dreams and passion were secondary. But, not anymore. In the past decade, the world has shrunk because of the increased usage of the internet and connectivity among the people. The world now focuses more on inspiring stories, unlike those photographers and producers who only want to serve skin, flesh, and body on the calendars or magazine covers.

In the last two decades, time changed, people changed, thoughts changed and people have started accepting things that we used to reject firsthand.

So, we at WittyFeed have compiled the list of famous models who challenged the stereotypes and redefined beauty to a whole new level.

Have a look!