10 Common Unknown Mistakes That Most Women Make In Bed

Cheat sheet for all the lovely ladies.


Women love it when their man approaches them in the bed, when he makes her feel special about her body and her emotions, when he pampers her. But there are a lot of things that women should keep in mind when under the sheets. Not only should she initiate but also actively participate in the act. 

Ladies, he is not always responsible to get things right, you too hold an equal stake in the relationship, thus you should note these mistakes and refrain from them as much as possible. You are an adult, thus you are mature enough to think. But at times, when the things go usual, it is difficult to figure out the mistakes. So, here we are at your rescue to spice things up again, letting you know the possible mistakes you may be committing. 

Try and accept them and learn from them, see the difference this will make in your relationship.