Skull Elongation Is A "Real Thing," And It Is Bizarre AF

Take a ride back in time!


Many people across the globe have a perception that "The Coneheads" is the family of aliens. This gives rise to the question, were "The Coneheads" real? 

Several times anthropologists have uncovered elongated human skulls with the fact that these were not in this shape by birth. Then, how is it possible that just a particular group of people had this kind of a body structure? 

Strange, right! Anthropologists say coneheads went through a body modification called "Skull Modification".

It's a strong belief that coneheads are extraterrestrials. No doubt, this is something to consider, but the practice of skull elongation is documented precisely.  However, the question is why someone will deform a child's head in this manner? The true origins of the practice remain questionable and a paradox.