Meet The 'Queen Of Dark' Who Is Redefining The Definition Of Beauty

You can't stop her.


This colour shirt doesn't go with your dark complexion. Have you tried the new instant white cream?  It'll help you to lighten your skin tone. You can look good, but your dark complexion ruins everything. 

This is how people born with dark skin are treated in our society. Being born in a racist society, we all are familiar with these day-to-day used lines. We judge people by their skin tone and other such elements. We all love to wear black, love the colour black but hate and discriminate people of black or dark skin tone. How ironic! 

Our media and film industry boosts the concept of 'Beauty is White.' We all are forced to believe that only people of fair skin tone can be beautiful and have the right to be confident. Especially when you are a girl, you cannot be perfect till you have white skin. But hey gals! There is someone who is churning out the entire concept of 'White is Beautiful,' and she is 'The Queen of Dark.'