Meet The Man Who Lives In A Plane-House, In The Middle Of A Forest

I live in a plane.


Innovation has always been a pathfinder for the growth of humanity - let it be the pre-historic invention of the wheel or a modern-day Smartphone. In today’s age, people have become much more creative and innovative. They know how to achieve the comfort and perfection they seek. And here is a perfect example.

Making a home of your own is never a simple task. You want it to be iconic and cozy. Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer, was no different. But what stands him out of the rest was the leap he took to achieve that comfort and uniqueness in his home.

If you ever find your way through to this home, you’re sure to believe that it’s actually a tragic airplane accident site. But the amazing mind of an inventor works in wondrous ways. Bruce Campbell now resides in this plane located in the woods near Portland, Oregon, USA.

Check out how a retired electrical engineer converted a retired Boeing into a fully functional living space.