9 Manchester United Vs Real Madrid Battles That Helped Us Predict The Super Cup Winner

Which side you are at?


Whenever Manchester United and Real Madrid lock horns, the football world holds their breath as they are the two Goliaths of world football. The two clubs apart from being the two biggest are also the two most historic clubs. Manchester United has 20 league titles to their name while Real Madrid has won the La Liga 33 times. 

Unfortunately for many football fans, the two clubs met only 9 times in 17 years but that doesn't mean they weren't spectacular. If the recent meetings are anything to go by, we have a match on our hands. Who could forget Cristiano Ronaldo's spectacular leap in Santiago Bernabéu to level the score or Luka Modric's equalizer at the Old Trafford? 

So when Manchester United once again had a crack at Real Madrid on 9th of August, there were fireworks. And who could forget the 'Special One' was once the manager of Real Madrid! So amongst all the dynamics. We'd like to tell you about their recent nine matches which just helped us predict the winner.