Man Tries 59 Drugs And Draws Haunting Self-Portraits For Each Dosage

Art and drugs work wonders together.

Taking drugs is illegal and one should not indulge themselves into that sphere of life, agree? It's not necessary that you abide by that. Let's all be grown-ups here and face the fact that things which are prohibited the most, are the ones we go after first. I know some of you prefer to get high on several kinds of drugs and enjoy the feeling of being high. But, does that make any difference in your life? No, the ones who consume will continue to do so and will never care what the world thinks of them. 

Let me introduce to you a person who does much more than just getting high. Bryan Lewis Saunders turns into a creative person and draws all kinds of sketches and paintings after consuming drugs. What's more is this, Bryan here tried 59 different drugs and the results were just out-of-the-world that are also displayed below.

Disclaimer: WittyFeed does not promote drug consumption in any condition.