15 iPhone Tricks To Help Create Tons Of Storage When Memory Is Almost Full 

Solutions are at hand!  


Our phones present us with many conveniences. But every time, we see this message, "Storage Almost Full", it boils our blood and we want to kill ourselves. 

Imagine how frustrating our life would become if we have to see this annoying notification every day. I feel bad for those guys who own the 16GB version iPhone. It suddenly becomes a nightmare for all of us. 

So, what could be done about it? Of course, you can't insert an external memory card; iPhone doesn't let you do that. So, what is the solution of this annoying problem? 

Don't worry; we've got your back. We have come up with the solutions through which you can get rid of this annoying problem and also make a ton of space on your iPhone so that you never have to worry about the remaining space on your iPhone ever.