15 Love Triangles In Hollywood That Shocked The Whole World

One star married his own daughter.

Love is a really important part of a human being's life. It is something that can lead to war at a peaceful place and can make peace at the place where war is on. Love includes two people who are attracted towards each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. But sometimes, it happens that a third party gets involved, and everything is ruined.

Now let us talk about celebrities because after all they are human beings, and they also fall in love. There have been many times when we have seen a star leave her/his boyfriend/girlfriend and move to someone else. It seems normal, but in the end, it damages the life of either one person, both of them or sometimes three of them. 

There have been many love triangles in Hollywood and let me tell you that their stories have been very tricky. Many of us don't know about what exactly happened in those infamous love triangles. Let's find out more about these love-triangles.