These Proven Signs Show That You Must Not Hug Your Dog, At All! 

Some not so comfy facts here!


How many times have you squealed in excitement and hugged your dog? Moreover cuddled it with your hands and simply jumped over it, gushing over its cuteness... Not to forget those pats here and there while you play with it. Let me tell you, as much as you think, dogs surely do not enjoy hugs. They have their own ways to show love. Also, hugs are the human way of showing love. Maybe they have a different gesture to display their affection.

But, we as humans, unknowingly simply jump up to grab them with both our arms and then carry them the way we want. There has been a research that dogs bear hugs and not enjoy them.

Dr. Patricia McConnell, a certified applied animal behaviorist and respected expert said, "At best, I think some dogs just shrug it off and don’t pay a lot of attention to it for whatever reason. For instance, golden retrievers are famous for their fondness for any kind of touching. But for a lot of dogs, they see it as a potential threat."

Source- Mother Nature Network