15 Quick Yet Queer Hangover Cures from Around the World to Freshen You up

Drink your heart out, with these cures! 

When all the festive celebrations, that go too wild to make you feel fragile, these hangover cures are what come in handy. To mitigate the after-death of drunkenness, and to curb the feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead, here are remedies for curing the hangover from different countries around the world. 

When one just does not wish to get up and rush for a day at the office, after some wild party in the night, drenched in alcohol, some easy quick fixes are the need of the hour. 

The list here shows how various countries of the world fight hangover blues to emerge fresh. To help you find the best-fit fix, we have covered countries from Russia to Japan to the USA to India. How can we forget the bloopers of the movie 'The Hangover', which was an ultra-comedy, that too, leaving the characters devoid of any recollection of the drunk night.