13 Things You Should Know Before You Pay With Internet Banking Or Credit Card

This is really important!


When we talk about the modern age, we observe that we are a step ahead than those conventional methods of making payments or shopping.

But with the advent of the digital era, or I should rather say with our technologically advanced society, there are new risks to consider and be cautious of when it comes to shopping and using credit cards. Since we’ve turned our currency into plastic and digital numbers, it can sometimes be easier to be scammed or robbed. It’s not just online shopping to be worrisome of. Fraud can occur at restaurants, shopping malls, cafes etc.

Often times these scams are happening when credit card terminals (the machine you use to pay) have been tampered with. This process is known as 'skimming.'

But, don't worry, we now have some tips on how to identify a skimmer as compared to a standard terminal in the credit card machine or while we do the internet banking. We’ve also compiled a few other tips on how to avoid a scam.