15 Best Friend Tattoo Ideas That'll Inspire You To Get One Immediately

We loved the Hakuna Matata tattoo.


Friendship is wonderful, isn't it? Two random people who meet each other and go "yep, that's the one!" and then the two of you gel. You share your joys, concerns, problems, fears. Your friend's happiest moments became yours and your saddest moments becomes his. It just seems like the two of you share a soul and come what may, you'll be supporting them through thick and thin. 

And what better way to show the permanence of your bond with something that is permanent in itself i.e a tattoo. A tattoo is forever inked to your body so naturally dedicating a tattoo so someone is a big deal. But some tattoos are worth it. 

So we at WittyFeed would like to give you 15 best friend tattoo ideas that'll inspire you to get one immediately.