12 Disturbing Illustrations Slapping the Illogical Modern Society on Face

Indeed the perfect depictions I've seen today!

It's highly probable that artists who get into making the versatile art illustrations definitely meet with obstruction. And why wouldn't they? After all, their art is a satirical slap on the face of us and our modern culture. 

Our people and leaders are no longer concerned with the real issues in the world. Everyone wants their money, their piece of the cake and rest may go to hell by their grace. While it may be true that artists who truly have the courage to share their thoughts on important social issues are rare, it’s great to see their emergence becoming more frequent.

The art below draws on a wide range of controversial issues ranging from the objectification of women and political abuse of resources to war and power, social media, religion, and more. 

Shown here is a rundown I've compiled of all those artworks, let's take a look.