21 Facts And Figures About Japan That'll Make You Cringe

Is there anything they're not good at?

The world is a big, big place wherein billions of people live at millions of different locations. So many nations, so many cities, some doing better than the others, some not very much. But when we talk about the developed countries on the face of Earth, Japan's name automatically comes to our minds. With a literacy rate of almost 100%, life expectancy so high, cleanliness on its peak, trains not delaying more than 18 seconds, unemployment of only 4%, what more can you ask for?

Well, after the tragic bomb blasts on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who knew Japan would cope so quickly after the immense loss and destruction, effects of which were shown in later generations as well. And not just cope, beat other countries and come at the top in all that it does, it's commendable! 

Well, here are 22 interesting facts about Japan that'll want you to live in it right away!