9 Salon Etiquettes You Must Know To Save Yourself From A Bad Experience

Money can buy happiness, it's a salon appointment!


Paying a visit to a salon can sometimes be the hell of an experience. Take me for instance, I was this near to losing it (a centimeter between thumb and index finger) when the hairstylist almost burned my poor hair to shreds with her super awesome blow-drying skills (note the sarcasm). You ask how? Because I told her to do whatever she liked. She tried something and this happened. Genius much? I know. 

There have been many instances like this. But not everything that happens results in something bad. There are good times too that's why to head for these beauty hubs right? The right place to pamper yourself, to fulfill those hair goals hashtags, or to get a relaxing spa massage. It is rightly said, great hair doesn't happen by chance, it happens by appointment.

So here are some super effective tips and things I am sharing with you. Read them and find out how many of them you preach.