Pictures of Brave Syrians Extracting Fuel from Unusual Sources are Heartbreaking

Risking their life for something as basic as fuel!

Necessity is the mother of invention. However, it’s bigger than a necessity when your motherland gets bombed to smithereens by powers who will never break bread with you and your family on the same table. Thus, is the chagrin of the surviving brave Syrians who are meeting their everyday crisis of fuel shortage with dangerous, yet scientific alternatives.

It’s devastating how we continue to pass our days when an almost World War III like incident ravages the nation and its beautiful, innocent civilians. Photos of children amidst the 6-year-old war, venturing out to collect shrapnel and debris for recycling is heart-breaking, to say the least. But it also pays homage to the indomitable spirit of man for not bowing down to ‘un’-natural selection. They fight life with what little they have; make the most out of the soot and rubble and are setting an example for the adage about a man and his ability to adapt.